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Hello and welcome to all the hustlers to our personal blog! We (Sahil and Palomi) help making your day brighter by showering you with our positive blogs. For all the hustlers and grinders who want to make a change in the society, we are here to guide you the way. Quotes from some of the most successful people in the world, we will make sure that you reach your goal! We will succeed, not immediately but definitely! Keep Grinding!

Palomi Gupta

“To blog is to share, to create, to connect, to inspire”.

Hello everyone! I am Palomi Gupta, currently a school student and trying to bring out some positive changes in the mindset of people through my writings.

Blogging is not a rocket science. Its about speaking your heart out, putting what you have, and most importantly being yourself. And I’ll ensure I do all these. Thank You for your support!


Sahil Verma

I am Evil Deeds (aka Sahil Verma), and I am a young entrepreneur with my interested fields being digital marketing, businesses and making my own products and selling them. I believe that there is greatness in everyone and it can be brought out with just a little bit of inspiration. I believe that this society can be better than it is today, when we break the social norms that the people have started living. I am the author of the book The Education System : The Fault in its Code, and the owner of my own game company EDS. I look forward to inspire as many people as I can, and help them stand up for themselves!


Soumya Chander Upadhyay

I’m an ambivert, someone who can be an extrovert but at times is the most introverted person you’d know. I love coffee, books, smeel of rain, smiling people, sad songs and sleep. I’m awake most of the times, writing is one of my passion, other is finance. I love to pen down my thoughts when I feel emotions coursing through me. I love to talk to people but I can be awkward at times. All I want to do is reach out to people who feel the things the way I feel, help them out with struggles by talking and during that journey, learn how to love others more and even myself. I have taken up writing recently only to be a little more open to the idea of being vulnerability to strangers. I’d love if you could just text me, saying how you struggle with the same thing and then you and I can help each other out. Growing and healing together.

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