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What is the #1 Cause of Failure?

We all have had our fair share of failures in our lives. They can be really discouraging if not handled properly. They can also be great motivators if one knows how to use them as an inspiration. Today, we will be disclosing the number one reason why most people fail.

Why Do Most People Fail?

Is it the lack of knowledge? Is it not achieving what you aimed for? Is it because you lost more than you gained? Turns out they all contribute to failures, but only for the minority. Majority of the people fail due to one reason and one reason only. It is because they fail to even try in the first place. Yes, this may be surprising to many, but the majority never succeeds because they never even begin.

People are so afraid of losing, that they lose. ~ Robert Kiyosaki

People are so afraid of failure, that they end up failing. As Robert Kiyosaki writes in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad“There is a Chicken Little inside everyone of us who is screaming that the sky is falling”. He says that there is a scared side to each one of us that makes us lose if it diminishes what our heart urges us to follow. That is actually a good news for those who do try. They don’t find much competition.

People do have their own creative ideas. We all have our ideas. There is a saying: dull minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas and brilliant minds execute them. The problem is that these ideas come as a whisper. In most people, the voice of their self-doubts and fear overshadow their excitement of their ideas being brought to life. Thus they already fear something that hasn’t even took place. Thus, they never even try and go with secure.

How to Overcome the Fear of Suffering?

As written in The Alchemist , a book by Paulo Coelho ,

The fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself, and that no heart has ever suffered being in pursuit of its dreams.

The negative scenarios we imagine won’t even happen most of the time. It is like a gym. It is a pain until you reach there. Once the things are in motion, everything is joyous and easy. We can’t lose if we don’t try right? Well we can’t win either. Those who play to ‘not-lose’ will always end up losing. Those who play to win will always be winners.

We often listen to the society. Society is pretty good at throwing negative opinions at those who make progress. Naysayers and doubters are a part of the process and will only bug you initially. You’ll get used to them as time progresses. They won’t ever go away though, the more successful you become the more of them will find you. The key is to ignore their opinions and thoughts. Only take opinions from those who you are ready to swap your life with. Let people throw their opinion. Only those who are the least successful and defeated by life, will be holding you back from chasing your dream.

Let them be. It is always difficult initially, but it always gets easier. Don’t let people tell you who you are. You have to believe in yourself. When you look at yourself from the others prospective, you have already lost. Be the captain of your ship. If a passenger walks up to the captain, and tells him how he should navigate his ship, the captain will laugh. He knows his ship the best and will not be swayed away by others opinions. It is the same with self confidence.

Why Most People Are Like Birds.

One interesting things about birds is that, even though they have wings and they can fly anywhere in the world, they always end up going where they have always went. It is the same with 93% people. They will always go where their previous generations have gone. People follow dogma. If people pave their own path, they will succeed. We have all fallen into the trap of listening to others opinions when they may not even make sense or they are not skilled in the craft.


The conclusion we get is that most people fail because in the end they never even try. They just let the things happen. So you should start trying, and start today itself!

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