The Rhapsodical

Self Care Isn’t Always Hard.

I get home from a tiring day,
A lot of work, a lot of hustle.
I draw myself a bath,
Take off my clothes,
Dip into the hot bath,
Try to relax.
I get myself some wine,
And binge watch on my favorite shows.
I put in some bath bombs,
And cuddle up with the warm hug.
I sit there for hours,
Soaking up the heat,
The show makes me laugh,
The wine makes me dizzy.
I get out of the bath,
I wear my fuzzy pajamas,
I take my comfy blanket,
And go into a bliss called sleep.
Who said self-care isn’t pretty?
Who said self-care is all about the harsh work?
Who said self-care isn’t what you want?

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