The Rhapsodical

Not A Sin, But Love.

They say I’m different
That’s why they make fun of me
Laugh at me, make jokes
So I go to my home
Inside my safe haven, my closet
There look, I’ve clothes
And shoes and necessities
I don’t need to get out there
Because I’m different
My mother comes home
She asks how was the day
I explain I’m different
She laughs it off, says I’ve gone crazy
So I go to my closet again, my safe haven
My father left us for another man
They say he committed a sin
I like this guy, he’s good
Am I committing a sin?
Maybe I am, so I run to my closet again
Ashamed and scared
Years pass by, I’m still the joke
And my closet is my safe haven
But someone peeps inside
He sits beside me
I push him away, but I’ve got this thrill
There’s a rush
Am I blushing?
That’s a sin,
But it feels so good
And now he sees me,
Sees me as art
Appreciates the art inside the closet,
Now unleashed.
Finally out.
Not a sin, but love.

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