The Rhapsodical

Never the Victim, Always the Cause.

I wore shorts today,
You stared.
I come in with a longer skirt,
You stared again.
I wear dresses,
You stared still.
I start wearing jeans,
You kept on staring.
I wore lose t-shirts,
T-shirts with long sleeves,
Baggy t-shirts,
Baggy jeans,
And yet you keep on staring at me.
So I started wearing Kurtis,
Hoping that would stop you from staring.
But you still stared.
I gave up and hoped nothing would happen.
And one day I come in,
Wearing the same baggy jeans,
Going home.
And you saw me one too many times,
And you attacked,
And no one heard my screams.
But when it is done, 
I pick myself up,
Go to a hospital, get myself checked,
Go to the authorities and,
I’m told it was my fault.
I wore the wrong clothes,
I made myself available to him.
And that’s when I knew,
This country would never be safe for girls.
I go back home,
Bawl into my pillow,
And live with it for the rest of my life.

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