The Rhapsodical

Emotional Mess.

I’m always told to keep on smiling,
As if posing for a photograph.
Maybe life is a photograph,
Because we all tend to keep a smiling face in front,
And behind the scenes are kinda fucked up.
Because keeping a smiling face will avoid questions, “What happened?” “Are you sad?” “Do you wanna talk?”
But you only go through behind the scenes with people you love,
People who actually care.
People who are always there for you.
So keep on smiling, because life is a photograph,
And you’re a model,
Or so I’m told.
Because I let my emotions out.
I cry, I laugh,
I smile, I get angry,
I get depressed.
I get excited.
I spill out my emotions and maybe,
Just maybe that’s why my life is a colorful mess,
While others are stagnant and smiling.

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