The Rhapsodical

Depression, a real deal.

Look there, now look here
Feel this, oh no feel that
Look around you, you’re pathetic
The voices inside my head took over
They say things, things that I shouldn’t think
They make me feel things I don’t want to feel
Can I defeat this? Because it feels like there’s no escape
Do I have an escape? Do I get to go away from this place
Because it feels like a huge blank
A blank of nothingness
There’s so much, yet so little
I’m falling and falling
Going away, too deep inside my head
They don’t let me think
They don’t let me be happy
I’m way too tired now
But oh, oh now I’m okay
Oh look, I’m back
I’m normal
I’m fine
Am I?
Or is it just an illusion?
The illusion that I’ll never have this normality again.

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