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What Should Be Your Aim In Life?

We all have one life. It’s really important to monitor how we spend it, and what we spend doing it. The important part to escape the trap of an unhappy life is to do what you love. We will be telling you – what should be your aim in life? 


Career Isn’t Your Goal

No two people share the same path to their dream. Everyone has their own goals, and their own perceptions of it. However, most people confuse their goals with their careers.

A career is – I want to be an entrepreneur

A goal is – I want to own the biggest game designing company and provide others with the best games

To get things clear beforehand, a career doesn’t really involve providing values to others. It is what your way of earning is, it isn’t your purpose and it rarely ever is your passion. However, your goal is your passion and your purpose. When your passion and purpose work in accordance, that is when you can achieve true state of satisfaction from work life. Your aim in life should not solely be earning money. It should equally be to bring about change in lives of those who need it.

Money is important, true. However, it cannot buy you happiness. You can buy all the materialistic things, but they won’t give you a long lasting happiness. The happiness you get from buying them will last for a very short period of time. Adhere, you will always be in a constant fear of losing them. When you have a goal in life, you care about the process, you care about bringing a change to make this world a better place. Simon Sinek (multimillionaire) has stated that, satisfaction doesn’t come from earning huge sums of money. It comes from helping others.

I see many people chasing career lines that will earn them a good profit. They feel that earning good sums of money is the most important part of life. That is absolutely incorrect. Living your purpose is the most important part of your life. You need to understand, the four pillars of happiness are Health, Wealth, Spirituality and Relations. When one excels in these four fields, then a person is going to be truly internally happy no matter what the conditions externally may be. The mistake that most people make is that, they are only money oriented. They leave their passion to follow the paths that seem to have a good scope. There is however, no such thing as a good scope. The highest scope present are in those fields in which nothing much has been done before. The viewpoints of people for a successful life, is the reason they never achieve success.

You may even find the best job. You may find the highest earning careers. However, you’ll never be satisfied with life. We see many successful people giving up their lives even after having so much with them. It’s because being rich isn’t the game, its just a part of the game. Its a fourth of the war for happiness won. The way you become rich matters more than you becoming rich. Money isn’t a reason, its an outcome. It is a result, not your why to do something. Your satisfaction depends on how big your why is. A business only earning money, is a poor business. Even in this high paying job, if you would be doing something that you really don’t like, something that doesn’t meet your passion, you’ll be truly unhappy. You’ll get a feeling of a void inside you, that will never seem to be filled no matter what you do. This is because you sowed the seeds of a rich bank account at the start of the journey, not a rich life. You’ll become frustrated, leading to huge spikes in anger. You’ll be blaming everyone, screaming on everyone and destroying your inner peace of mind. When this happens, you cannot stay happy due to the increase in blood pressure and high levels of cortisol (stress hormones).

Thus, your health will suffer. This will lead to breaking up off relationships. If you had a spiritual mindset you would realize where you were going wrong beforehand. Thus, you would succeed in only 25% of the life, however the 75% of your life will suffer. Earning money doesn’t hold a greater importance than the other 3 pillars of happiness. If you want proof, you can take a good look around you. Most people, even after being highly educated aren’t happy with the way they are living. They are always in search of something. They don’t know what it is. They are stuck up in daily life feuds. Their day starts on a frustrated note. This is what will come to you if you chose your career over your goal. Your goal should not be to earn money. Your goal should be to fulfill your purpose. Although, this may require more efforts, but it is always better than living below what you were created to be.

Don’t ever waste your time perfecting what you don’t like. That additional information isn’t worth it. Knowledge isn’t power. It is potential power. Until the knowledge is put to use it has no effects. Thus, the only time your knowledge can truly come out for you is when the knowledge is about what you love. Don’t waste time doing what you don’t like, be it for a few years or a few weeks. Life is too short for living upto others expectations and sacrificing your expectations of yourself.


Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion. ~ Simon Sinek

How To Find Your Goal?

Ask yourself this simple question – “If I were told that I would die a year from now, but also would be guaranteed that if I try doing one last thing in life before going away, and I was guaranteed to succeed at it, what would it be?” Read the question again and again until you get its meaning. Lock yourself in a quite room and give yourself the time to think about. The question doesn’t ask for the one career line you’ll chose. It asks you of one mission you would carry out in the world to leave your mark behind. The answer that you give, is the goal of your life. That is what you have to work for and don’t wait for the perfect time. Start thinking how you will begin today! Don’t try to unravel the whole process, just find a place to begin from. The roads unravel on their own. Don’t wait for another day. The biggest mistake people make is that they think they have ample amounts of time. You don’t. So start today. This should be your goal, your answer. Your goal should be a why, not a result.


The trouble is, you think you have time


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