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Why Failure Is Important?

ज़मीर ज़िंदा रख,

कबीर ज़िंदा रख,

सुल्तान भी बन जाए,

तो दिल में फ़क़ीर ज़िंदा रख।

हौसले के तरकश मैं,

कोशिश का वो तीर ज़िंदा रख,

हार जाए चाहे ज़िंदगी से सब कुछ,

मगर फिर से जीतने की वो उमीद ज़िंदा रख।

Failure. The word that sends shivers down the spine of any person. It is often the reason that many people refuse to give up on their day job to pursue something big and take risks! It is often the reason why so many people give up on their lives.

Fear of failure holds so many people back from realizing their potential and pursuing the things they truly would like to accomplish. Imagine how different life would be if we had enough power to face failure and overcome it?  And this becomes the problem. Fear of failure restricts you from doing anything big. It restricts to your comfort zone and  moving forward. But I’am sure nobody wants that?

Yes I agree failure and defeat is something which is not easy to swallow. It leaves you sad, depressed and miserable. But thats what Life is. It cannot give you happiness all the time!

Failure is basically a matter of perspective. Some consider it as an opportunity to develop even more. While some consider it as a setback and some sort of restriction. 

But failure is a stepping stone to success. Nothing can be achieved without a series of failure. James Allen has rightly said that failure is “Pathways to attainment”. 

Successful people also make mistakes. They also fail but they  DON’T GIVE UP. Instead they overcome their fear of failure.

There are numerous examples of celebrities, sportspersons, actors, authors and leaders who inspite of facing defeat did not give up on their dreams. They succeeded!

Michael Jordan was cut from the school basketball team; Steve Jobs was fired from his own company; Warren Buffet was rejected by Harvard University, Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections and Thomas Edison, failed more than 1,000 times when trying to create the light bulb.

Did THEY give up? No. They also failed, they also must have felt beaten up. But they treated their failure as a stepping stone to success. Failure couldn’t stop them from becoming extra-ordinary people. Nobody is born extra-ordinary. Everybody is born ordinary but that is what success is all about. Adding “extra” to your “ordinary”.

It’s through failure that we learn the greatest lessons that life could teach us.

Failure acts like a tutorial. It gets a lot of things with it which teaches you a lot. Those things are the keys which helps you unlock the door of success:

You know the most important thing which failure gives us is Experience. 

What happens when we fail? When we go through something and can walk away with firsthand experience, it helps us to develop a deeper understanding for life.

Also, When we fail, we grow and mature as human beings. We reach deeper meanings and try to understand why are we doing the things we are doing. And life is *all* about growing. This is what failure gives you. It gives you everything which makes you strong and which will take you even more ahead in life. Failure brings the knowledge with it. Nothing can replace the knowledge gained from failure.

When Thomas Edison famously failed nearly 1000 times to create a commercially viable electric light bulb, with each failure, he gained the knowledge of just one more avenue that didn’t work. It was the accumulated knowledge developed from nearly 1000 failed attempts that ultimately led to his success.

You know what? Success still can be an end of something which you in the end attain but failure? Its never about stopping. It always leads you further. 

So, stop considering failure as a defeat but mark it as an evidence of trying!

When you try, there is no guarantee that you will succeed. But if you not at all try, there is a guarentee that you will fail. Failing is no bad! Instead it is a sign “Atleast you TRIED”.

So don’t let fear of failure hold you back from reaching out for your goals. The key to success is not avoiding failure but to overcome the fear of failure; learn from your failures and use them to build yourself up and eventually you’ll reach there.

“Failure is temporary detour not a dead end.”  –Denis Waitley


A post with 500 words cannot possible explain you everything regarding failures. However, this book can. This book can tell you how every successful people has failed their way to success. Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure will help you gather the courage to deal with failures. It is a buy you shouldn’t miss.

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