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What Is Your Vision?

Everyone who has changed the world, started out by having a vision. A mere vision which had so much strength, that no words could describe. We often have this formula of success by being practical in life, passed on to us by the previous generations.

Being realistic and practical is necessary, but only if it is for your dream, not of your dream. What does that mean? This is what this article is based upon, to help you get to your vision. To really get a 100% out of this article, drop your believes that have formed in your lifetime, the believes that are holding you back from giving your full.

 Why Being Realistic Creates Zombies

Being realistic is the most common path traveled to mediocrity. The world is full of people just swaying away in life. It is a struggle for them to pass every single day, they pass everyday like dead zombies. Everyone had a dream in life, but most people killed their dreams, just because they thought it would be too difficult. People love safe. The world has labeled achieving greatness as a near to impossible achievement, but the same people who call it difficult never really work towards achieving the impossible.

Obscurity scares people. The unknown scares people, so much so that the majority of people never really try to unravel its secrets. Adhere, they label it impossible for everyone else. But mark these words, realism has never made anyone successful.

Every innovation that the world thought wasn’t possible, was innovated by those who had a visionThere was no guarantee it would be created, but with an unbeatable conviction, they failed, tried, failed and made history. The world will laugh at your dreams, your delusional thinking, but as Steve Jobs quoted;

Those Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, are The Ones Who Actually Do.

We confuse higher posts with success, when the truth is, the impact you make on this world is the amount of success you have. Doing what you love and loving every day for doing it is what creates success.

Everything, be it the trains, airplanes, space shuttles, the light bulb, even the device you are viewing this on, was thought delusional thinking of someone, until they created it. Lord Kevin mathematically and scientifically proved that nothing heavier than air will be able to take flight. Just 8 years later, the Write Brothers proved him wrong. They invented airplanes. They made the impossible, possible. Everything seems to be impossible until it has been made possible. That is the reason why people never try, but people often forget, that they have a limited life. Every illusion of hard and easy only exists in our minds. We set our own limitsand then consider other people of having the same.

People undermine themselves of being inferior compared to the greats. This is the misconception people hold. People have their own gifts, but people follow what the other people suggest them to, brutally murdering their dreams.

Those who didn’t care what the world had to say, emerged victorious in the end.

Why You Should Follow Your Vision

You Have One Life

You only have one life to live. Read the statement again and again until it you imbibe it into every single cell of your body. It is so easy to earn money by doing that 9 to 5 that you never liked. It is so easy to follow the stepping stones of other people, but guess what? Good things will never come doing easy. It is easier to succeed in life, but majority don’t as it is also easy not to. If you already haven’t, for the sake of your success please give a read to this article, Why Majority Of People Never Succeed.

You have one life, you have no overtimes in life. Take a risk at doing what you love, as it is the only way of finding true happiness. It doesn’t mean you have to be filthy rich, it means doing something that seems impossible but you know will satisfy you. You will struggle, you will fail many-a-times and you will be criticized upon, but they are all prerequisites to success. Most people reading this blog won’t, but to that one person who it really resonates to, hear me out. You can and you will. Follow your path. Make this one life count, don’t live it like most people, living it like they have two.

It Isn’t Difficult, It Isn’t Anyway Near To Impossible

It is easy. You just have to take the hits and move on, and try until you succeed. It is that simple! Just because many people are afraid of even imagining it, they quit before even starting. These people categorize as difficult, and pass this thought process onto everyone. Every successful person has been told that they can’t. But remember, the more naysayers you get, you should understand the closer you are getting to your goal. Sadly, the ones closest to you will be the ones that will talk you out of it, but you have to hold your ground. No one will do it for you.

A lion never eats a dead prey. It only eats what it hunts. A lion loves the process of hunting as much as he likes the reward. A lion isn’t afraid to stand alone. You are a ferocious, blood thirsty lion, but you have to realize who you truly are to achieve what you truly want! When you fall in love with the process of success, being beaten down only to get back up, you will feel what no 9 to 5 can make you feel. Only those who hustle for their goals, are the ones who feel it everyday.

Every time I work harder on my goals, every time I sacrifice sleep, every time I listen and get rid of the mediocre thought process and opinions of other people, I feel what I never felt just following the crowd. Success is right at your hands! It is closer than you think, don’t let dogma and the noise of people turn your compass of self believe south! Embrace this thought in your mind – if you are willing to take the hits and move forward, you will succeed!

You Have To Refuse To Be Average.

 Your Dreams Chose You For A Reason

You don’t get to chose your dreams,  dreams choose you. A vision chooses you. Most people reject the one vision that would have earned them a life they couldn’t even imagine. Don’t be most people. Grab hold of the dream, and let the dream make you work. The dream will earn you success, the dream will give you the motivation and energy if you are willing to grab it.

You have narrow choices, whether to follow the herd, or to be the herder. There is no rocket science, one will make you happy, the other will keep you confused and chained.

What Will You Experience In The Roads To Greatness

Lets get one thing clear, following your vision will achieve you greatness. You will face immense rejections, immense hatred, immense criticism, immense struggling, a bunch of naysayers who will tell you that you can’t. You will have a LOT of uncertainty, you will meet people who will give you the best reasons that why you cannot. You will face doubts and fear in your minds. You will be smacked down by life, ain’t gonna matter how tough you are. Life will beat you down. You have to learn to get back up.

Everyone wanted to achieve greatness got smacked down by life. But those who did something, those who had the burning desires, and a why greater than the money, are the ones who got back up. Those who didn’t get back up lived a life of regrets, and quit.

Every time someone tells me that I can’t, or tells me it is difficult, all I hear is, You Will. It makes me happy when someone tells me it can’t be done, because it motivates me to prove them wrong. World may look at you as a failure, but if you care about what people think of you, if people poke a finger in your mouth and tell you what to do, you won’t be victorious. You have to develop a belief in yourself so profound, that it drives the people who want you to act their way extremely mad!

You WILL face a lot of uncertainty, you will be confused, you wouldn’t be able to look whats ahead, but leave it to the process. Trust the process. If you are heart is good and intentions are pure, have a 130% confidence that no matter what wrong happens to you, will happen for a right reason. Universe will deliver to you what you want, if you believe in yourself.

Success In Life Comes When You Simply Refuse To Give Up, With Goals So Strong That Obstacles, Failure and Loss Only Act As Motivation.

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