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Why A High School Degree Is Not Always Important!

‘A’ students work for the ‘B’ students. The ‘C’ students run the businesses and the ‘D’ students dedicate the building. 

I Never Let My Schooling Interfere With My Education ~ Mark Twain

When we turn 5, we are labeled fit for schooling. We acquire a lot of important knowledge from school. However, does this knowledge seem to get unfit for us as the years roll on? Statistics show, yes, they do get unfit. In today’s post we will be discussing how high school degree is completely not important!

Since the past two centuries, we have been slaves to the same education system! When we are born we are fed this mentality that grades are important! What even worse is, as soon as we enter highschool, our creativity and dreams are brutally murdered! To score good grades in high school, a lot of mugging up is done. This often makes us lose our individual talents and makes us puppets to the education system. Till the 6th grade everything seems to be working fine. However, after this we are taught stuff that really wouldn’t help us ahead in our lives. We mug up something, we write our exam and forget the facts after a while.

Here is a list of people who never had a college/high school degree and yet succeeded!

George Washington , Abraham Lincoln , Harry Truman, Grover Cleveland, Zachary Taylor, Mark Zuckerberg , Bill Gates, Malcom X, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Robert Frost, Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, William Faulkner, Richard Branson, Enzo Ferrari, Steve Wozniak, Paul Allen, Ringo Starr, David Green, David Karp, Craig McCaw, Michael Rubin , Milton Hershey, Pete Cashmore, Oprah Winfrey, Rob Kalin, Ron Popeil, Russel Simmons, Simon Cowell, Ted Murphy, Theodore Waitt, Ty Warner, Vidal Sassoon

Shocked? Well, even the best academic performers don’t really succeed in life. Rather, they work for those who failed their exams, and live a life of regrets! This post will explain how exactly this happens. So without any ado, lets hop into it!

Why Do The Failures In School Tend To Succeed In Life

Lets be honest, education system is nothing more than mugging up of facts and dates, or some formulas that will not even be of any practical use. It has become more like a job training campaign, where the marks decide our future (it rarely ever does). The backbenchers often learn social and economic skills in the meantime. They simply do not find their passion in studies and tend to do something more creative! If someone lays their meaning of success to degrees and marks, then they are bound to get a job and is less likely to set up their own startups! A great way to be trapped in a 9 to 5 right?

Those who make the school curriculum don’t know much about success themselves. We spend our entire childhood in a place which makes us believe that getting a good job equals figuring out life! As we grow up, we embed this thoughts with our hearts that yes, grades are life! We pass this onto our next generation making them believe that marks are everything, instilling fear in their minds that they will not succeed without good marks. Truth is, they never tried to do something extraordinary in their lives themselves, or tried but gave up after failing!

The ones who score the best marks don’t really know what failing feels like, and hence cannot cope up with the problems of life really well. That is why they go where it is safe, hence – job! The ones who are miserably tired with their life are the ones who will suggest you in a manner of having it all figured out! They will be in your way and not let you do your thing! My suggestion, score not too bad marks, but also don’t let studies be your number one priority. Do side things, no matter what anyone says! This is a digital era, and the boundaries that held people in their places, has been dismembered by the social media! There are more chances in today’s time, and the old generation will always tell you how grades are important, partly because they do not know the power of social media!

 Misconception Of Degrees

People tend to buy huge loan debts to complete their education! They feel they can loan $250,000 for a four year course, and after the course get a $43,000 salary and then pay it off slowly! Well this is a BIG misconception!

Due to this false thinking, the US is stuck with a student loan debt of $1.2 TRILLION! The biggest mistake one can do is to get a college degree with loan debt, and think they will pay it with their career fee! We live in a digital world, where almost everything happens digitally. Even the marketing of products take place digitally! In backward countries (especially East Asia), it is a major issue that people are still stuck up with the mindset of 1950’s, that degree equals success, but they barely know about social media!

For those parents reading this, take this example of David Karp. Multi Millionaire, founder of Tumblr, he was good in academics, but he woke up till late night doing coding on his computer. His mother noticed this, and being a teacher, she decided to let him drop out of school. She realized his potential. Few years on, he created tumblr, sold it for a billion dollars, and became a rich young adult! The general fault in today’s generation is, the children are often brought up with failed strategies, which often leads to a demotivated adulthood!

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, Zip2, PayPal, Tesla Motors, stated in the interview when he was asked about a college degree,

There’s no need to even have a college degree… at all. Say if you look at people like Bill Gates, or Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs these guys didn’t graduate from college but if you had a chance to hire them.. ofcourse it would be a good idea! I mean, its actually kinda funny, like you know ‘what is education?’- like you are basically downloading data and algorithms into your brain and its amazingly bad in conventional education!

The people who are doing the work that we care about are figuring out what to do next , not following the person who told them what to do next and the problem with most colleges is they are high school with more binge drinking!

Why You Will Succeed Outside Of School

 School undoubtedly is a place for those who have this mindset of going for safe. They are afraid to take risks, barely know how success works, labeling successful people as lucky, or have no idea what they are doing, just following the herd and moving on with life. However, those who tend to gather knowledge about what they love, are more easily going to startup their own things, and get better at it!

Outside school you form connections, you diversify your mindset, you get to know how many opportunities await you! Embed this sentence in your mind, Knowledge is not power, it is potential power. Where you apply the knowledge is the real deal, and most of the stuff taught will never be useful to us, ever!  A high school degree, will only provide you a life that will never be fulfilling!

Why Do Most People Wander Around Screaming Grades is Success?

Pay attention to this, what is the status of the people who preach you this? Are they happy with their life, is their attitude perfect? Are they adding value to a lot of people? Are they depressed or lonely in their life? Can they proudly say that they will live the same life over and over again? Probably not. No successful people will say the same thing!

Do not listen to such people who aren’t living a fulfilling life, and are suggesting you to abandon your dreams, or delay them and complete your education. No! Don’t do it! It is your goal not theirs! You will end up at the same place trying to live up to the expectations of such people! You are a freaking lion in between of rats. These rats will make you believe why herbs are better for you than hunting and will make sure you follow it! Even your parents, siblings or relatives are going to be one of them at times! Be you, be a lion, you will be glad you did! It can be really hard to follow this, but this has always earned people fortune. These rats will always instill fear in your mind, always giving you excuses as to why you should focus on studies. But if you have better things in minds, if you have plans, do not simply waste your life in abandoning or delaying them and start pursuing your dreams now ! There will be no better time than today!

You can be lucky if your parents understand you, and help you do your thing, and actually are serious about it. When you go out of order, or in another words, stop putting your primary focus on academics and stop living your life the way your parents want, it will worry them! But that is the thing, it is your life not theirs! Your gut knows somehow what to do! Have the courage to go against everyone who tries to stop you, no matter who they are, it is your life and it is a new time, do what you love. Forget what your parents think, feel or believe. I am happy with life because I had the courage to not think how this will affect my family, and I am doing things I love like blogging, learning coding which makes me happy and help me reach out and help more people! This does trouble them and maybe makes them think I may not be in the right path, but that is the thing, it is your life. You have to walk a path never taken and leave a trail!

In East Asia, it is really hard to follow your own ambitions as the digital era has just begun this side, and the previous generation is plagued with thought process of schooling is the key. One of the reasons why these countries are drowning in corruption and poverty. What I can suggest you is, be yourself. If i did listen to those around me, I would never have been able to publish my game, publish my book, start this blog and reach out people to help shape their life. The best feeling does come when you actually get the gratitude from helping people out! Rarely a job will allow you to reach and help out people! Do what seems fulfilling to you. Even if you are into a 9 to 5, make sure you love it, but don’t force yourself to love it if you aren’t! There is only one life, make sure you don’t live someone else’s life! Do not expect to be successful with grades. If you keep repeating the same thing and expect different outcomes, buddy you are mistaken! Remember, follow success for yourself not for others!

For a better insight, consider buying our published book,The Education System: The Fault In Its Code it is a completely detailed book on every fault of the education system, with inspiring steps to make sure you reach your success outside the education system! Please consider giving it a read, as it is only worth $3.60 in Kindle Edition and $7.99 in Paperback Edition, and a book you which will help the parents as well as the students. Good luck with your journey grinders, and remember to always Be Rhapsodical!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. ~ Albert Einstein



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  1. Marvelous. If Ramanujans Guardians would have forced him to cope up his marks on the fields he was failing (He failed in everything except Maths and quite a few times in English)
    He would have died as a clerk with no Great Deeds

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