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Make mistakes. Learn from them. Move On!

“Make mistakes. Learn from them. Move on!”

ग़लतियाँ करने से डर मत ऐ ग़ालिब,

क्यूँकि ग़लतियाँ सबूत हैं तेरी कोशिश का।

Everybody on this planet makes mistakes because nobody is perfect, Everyone has flaws,but only a few have the courage to look at them, accept them and learn from them. Do not be scared if you ever commit a mistake, its something that is helping you learn something new.

“एक माँ की भी पहली रोटी गोल ही थोड़ी ना बनी होगी या पहली रोटी एकदम PERFECT थोड़ी ना बनी होगी|”

Failures are the stepping stones to success. It is from those mistakes which makes us a better person and strive hard to our dream destination. Our mistakes teach us what went wrong and how to correct it. Each and every human has come across a phase in their life which they thought was their hardest part of their life.  But no it is not the hardest! If it was the hardest then you probably wouldn’t be here. It is the new experience and new exposures that teach you the new things. With every new fall, you learn something new. If you are not ready to let yourself fall, then you cannot teach yourself anything new.

“छोटा बच्चा भी चलना, गिर-गिर कर ही सीखता है”

If we even talk about the most successful people of today then they also not in their first attempt got up to what they are today! They too committed mistakes, admitted them, learned from them, and moved on. But the difference between us and them is that they proudly admitted their mistakes and looked up to them in a positive way. And probably that is why they are there and we are here. The difference is about the “vision”. How we see things speaks a lot.

The lessons lie in the way we interpret our errors. If you keep repeating the same patterns, how can you ever expect your results to differ? It is much more beneficial to face the mistake than to escape from it because it will never be solved by itself. Looking at mistakes and working toward understanding them will promote progress and insight. It is normal to feel shameful about an error you have made, but you cannot hide in denial. If you do that, your progress will only be hindered.

Learning from your mistakes is obviously not easy. Nobody said it was simple. But once you do, you can trust yourself. You believe that you have the power to do anything. You suddenly realise about your capabilities and your can’s. And once you realise that, no power can stop you from achieving what you want to!

And yes, “There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure”! – Sophia Amoruso. 


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