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How To Stop Overthinking

One of the leading problems of our generation is overthinking. Overthinking destroys relationships, destroys your inner peace, and above all stagnates you at one place, rendering you incapable of doing anything productive. But there should be a way to overcome this right? Yes! There is! In today’s post we will be showing you just how to stop overthinking!

Now it is okay to overthink once in a while. The mind is a noisy place. I suggest you all give a read to The Art Of Being Happy. Now lets start right away!

Know What Overthinking Means

Overthinking is pretty self-explanatory , just over-think something right? Wrong! Overthinking is a state of mind where all the emotions, all the feelings flow at the same time. We imagine and makeup situations, and predict possibilities that will never take place! We know we are overthinking at times, but we just don’t know how to stop it. Overthinking happens due to the following reasons,

Over Prioritizing Situations

Problems are a part of everyone’s life. However we tend to increase the weight of the problem heavily, hence, further creating problems that aren’t even there! Some situations rarely effect us, but due to overthinking, they damage us heavily! Take an example, we have failed in a subject as we were sick and weren’t able to concentrate enough. The teacher of that subject scolded us for not studying well. Now, lets bring in overthinking.

We think we are really bad at that subject, and overthink that the teacher told me that I don’t study much, so I feel that I am bad at studying and something is wrong inside me. We overthink and overthink to figure what is wrong with us. We find trillion problems and trillion consequences of that problems. What we failed to realize is, all we failed was because of the fever. That’s it!

Talking To Negative People

Cynical people are always lurking around. They will NOT live peacefully and will not let you live in peace either! Talking to them, they will tell you how things WILL go wrong and why you shouldn’t do it, or why you are bad at it. This will lead you to believe them and will hence, make you feel low about yourself.

Lets take an example, you are in a relation. Some negative person, who doesn’t really like you or know you at all, comes up to you and tell you that your mate is cheating on you. You will take home this false statement and overthink it so much, that you falsify the trust that you formed with our partner over such a long period of time, and will believe a person who doesn’t know you, hence leading cracks in the concrete wall of your relation!

Keeping Yourself Free For a Lot of Time

It is okay to take a break from work, however if you take break for a very long period of time, and go into your comfort zone. The only thing that will happen is that your mind will start wandering into different directions. Our mind now is comparing with the concentration time of goldfish (which is 6 seconds!) and we are losing. Humans now-a-days cannot concentrate for more than 5 seconds onto their work, which is a big issue. The thing is, we are rendering ourselves useless! The more we stay in our comfort zone, the more likely are we about to wander onto our own reality, which has problems that will never exist in the real world, but only in our minds!

Fear Jealousy Anger

The three of the deadliest triggers for overthink. These three will pop up the triggers of emotional hatred. This will lead you to overthink of how the person you love is cheating on you, or doesn’t like you anymore. This will lead you to believe that the other person isn’t loyal, when there is no such thing! This will only spoil the looks of relations. Take your time out, ask the other person and confront him/her. Don’t lose the best piece of cake in the world just because you think it might be staled, when you just saw it being baked yesterday!

What Can Be Done?

If I told you that not overthinking is easy, would you believe it? Well it is very easy! All you have to do is follow these simple steps!

Stop Over Prioritizing Situations!

Stop creating problems that aren’t even there! The time you find yourself overthinking, take a break from all you are thinking, and close your eyes and ask yourself, am I over prioritizing the situations, will this even really happen? Is it even this bad?

If you find that the answer is a no, then just take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that you are just overthinking. Become aware of what you are doing. Write it down in your journal that you are overthinking! This well make you aware and will help you do something productive. If you don’t even know what you are overthinking about (cause, humans), just do the refresh technique! It is just like a refresh button. Just inhale, and when you exhale, believe that everything is back to its own priority, like a refresh button of the mind, that clears your mind out of all the over priorities it has created!

 Stay Away From Negative People

Such people will force you to become negative. Ignore the suggestions they give you. They are unhappy with their life and will make your life unhappy too! What you have to do is to act like you are actually agreeing to their negative ideas, but actually you are working on blocking those ideas from reaching your mind!

Make sure, that you don’t become like them yourself! If you are in a company of negative people, cut it out! You may hurt them, but for your own sake do this! Don’t be bounded by morals and ethics, you are your first priority!

Take Massive Action!

Don’t waste a single hour of the day! Keep doing something or the other, to help yourself grow. If you work relentlessly, you will be amazed by how much you can accomplish! You will grow as a person, and above all, you will not overthink! Overthink often happens when mind wanders, prevent it by taking action!

If you find yourself overthinking, just STOP and do something that doesn’t even make sense, but anything rather than overthinking!

Apply The 5 Second Rule

When you find yourself overthinking, just cease it at that very moment by applying the amazing 5 second rule! Count till 5, and analyze, to either chose to overthinking and ruin your day, or to chose to not do the same! When you do this, you become aware of your situation! You realize, that you have a choice, when you think you don’t! That is the key, knowing what your situation is, can help you get out of it!

Realize That Overthinking Would Only Make You Sad, And Not Change The Outcome Of Any Situation

This one is big, realize that you can overthink as much as you want, but in the physical world nothing will change. All that will change is your mental peace and your condition of life. We often overthink on the outcomes of a certain step you took. Screw it! You will just waste the precious time overthinking and not changing anything, the time you will never get back! So if you know you cannot change the outcome by just thinking, then please focus on your work and do something productive!

Stop Over Analyzing

When you over analyze outcomes, for a new business you are starting, or for any new creative thing you are doing, you eventually create illogical problems that will never come your way! This will only leave you paralyzed. Don’t be caught in the paralysis of analysis. Analysis of the situation is good, thinking is good, but overthinking will only render you useless for the situation. The best way is to count the risks and do it anyway! Risks always lead to rewards, so just do it!

Don’t let just one single overthinking spoil your whole life. One bad mistake due to overthinking can rupture your whole life! So it is best you stop overthinking as soon as it starts!

Realize What You Are Going Through

Realize, that is overthinking the fault of another person or your own. Overthinking is the cause of your sadness sometimes, and you should understand if you are overthinking due to hatred towards someone, then you are only harming yourself and not the other person! The best way to get out of this trap of hatred is to be aware that you are hurting yourself overthinking.

It isn’t rocket science, if you overthinking you are bound to create unhappiness for yourself and probably others too! All you have to do is to cut down this trap of overthinking to get the happiness that you deserve, and be the cheerful person that everyone likes! Remember, you have the key to your own happiness, so make the best out of it!

Overthinking is The Biggest Cause Of Unhappiness. There is Nothing in This World That Can Trouble You as Much as Your Own Thoughts.


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  1. Sometimes, it is good to over think. At least, it will keep you busy and not let you sit idle. In this article, the real meaning of “over-thinking”, has been elucidated very nicely. The explanation is very precise. So, I have no weapon to defend this article in any manner.
    Thank you

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