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How To Sell Anything To Anyone

Has it been a trouble for you to sell your products to people? Have you been making cold calls all day with no luck? In this era of entrepreneurs, selling and marketing has become one of the most vital skills. The reason why most business fail is due to failed marketing strategies and PR’s. But here, I teach you how to sell ANYTHING to ANYONE! After this post, you will be able to sell an ice-cube to an Eskimo!

Here are the 5 golden rules of selling that you should imbibe in your mind!

Rule 1 – Finding Out What the Other Person Wants!

Everything that a person does is for a reason. If we take out the drive or passion out of a person, they would do absolutely nothing with their life! While selling products, you should target a ‘specific’ type of audience who the product is made for. This gives you a higher chance to sell your product as you know that the other person wants. You need to know what the other person wants! Lets take an example.

Its summers and there are people of a small town suffering from extreme heat. The fans are non-efficient. You have came up with a product that sticks near to you and blows up cool breeze near to your face (hypothetically speaking). You know the people want themselves to be relieved off the heat. You know that your product will definitely help the residents of the town! So you already have a very high chance of selling your product!

The best way to sell anything, any of your product is to first know what the other person wants. Ask questions! You need to know what the other person wants. And the best way is to be a good listener. Without straight away suggesting that they should buy your product, you should first ask questions to try and understand the needs of the other person. When you know that your product will be use to them, you can tell them how useful your product will be to them! This brings us to rule number 2!

Rule 2 – Help Them Achieve It!

When a person gets to know what they want, you have to help them achieve it! For example, your product is going to help the town residents in the above example. However, if you overprice your product or show no way that your product will help them, they wont buy it! It should be convenient for the buyer to buy your product! If the buyer can’t see the value in expending large sums of money, or see how the product will help make their lives better, they will simply deny buying the product.

You have to show them how your product will help them reach their ultimate destination in life. That is why people buy your products! To help them get to a destination! You HAVE to show them how your product will profit the other person! Even if you invent a touch keyboard compatible with computer, but give it on a overpriced rate, with bugs, chances are rarely anyone will buy it except those who like collecting such stuff! If you are not adding value to a persons life by your product, they will simply discard it. The presentation (that is your way of presenting the products value to the customer), should be more fascinating than your product is. Even if people feel that your product will help them in ANY small way, they will consider buying it. When this happens, you will find what to do in the following rules!

Rule 3 – Make the other person buy it!

When you have given the other person a ‘why’ for your product, you have to make the other person buy it. A person will move mountains to do something when their ‘why’ or the reason to do it is big! If a person is suffering through serious life issues, and you feel a book you wrote will help them, show them a why to buy it. Here is a conversation between such two people to give you a better insight.

Author:  Hey Linda, how have you been doing lately!

Linda: Hey, I have been doing great lately!

Author: That’s great! Oh, I wanted to tell you about my new book, its about curing suppressing social issues! If you have been facing some, you can buy it too!

Linda:  Yea, a lot has been going through lately…

Author:  Yea? Tell me about it, am all ears!

Linda: I want to be a writer, but my parents aren’t supporting me, I find it extremely hard to cope up with their expectations and it makes me sad!

Author: Yea, I understand, have you found a way out?

Linda: No, I really have no clue how to get out of this situation.

Author: Yea I understand, it must be really tough for you!  Why don’t you consider buying my book? It may have something in it that will turn your life around and will help you achieve your goal. I have studied more than thousand people who are suffering from social issues, and I am pretty sure this will be a tiny investment, but a great help for you in your journey to become a writer!

Linda: I think I should give it a go, I will buy it!

Ofcourse conversations aren’t this straight forward, but this is just an example how the author first found out what she was going through. Knowing Linda was suffering issues, he approached her. He found out she wanted to become a writer but her lack of communication with her parents had been a real problem for her. So he suggests his book, and speaks out the statement that I have typed in italics. This final statement made an impact, and showed Linda a way of to achieve her goal.

When you show a man what he wants, he will move heaven and earth to get it!

Rule 4 – Don’t Take No For An Answer

Good salesmen know this. Whenever they meet with a rejection (so may have you), they figure out the person as to why they don’t want the product. But this is where the kicker comes. Rarely, a person will tell the real reason. There are only two reasons as to why a person does something. The one which sounds good, and the other one which is the real reason. We give up as soon as we meet with an objection. The key is to ask the other person, “In addition to that, is there any other reason?”

Be adamant about it, but be sure never to straight away state your opinion. Ask them questions. Even to state your point, ask them questions beginning with, “Don’t you think..” or “Shouldn’t it be…”

Keep asking questions, and finally the other person will realize his own faults, or discover his own self as to why he wasn’t willing to buy the product. Once they realize it, they will come to terms with you as to why they should buy the product. Try it!

Rule 5 – Arouse Fear

The rule 5 is more psychological, and one of the most effective ways to sell any product. This is to Arouse fear. A person will ultimately buy the product for their own profits or their loved ones. However, if they know that not having your product can cause them any sense of loss, they will be hell-bent on buying your products!
There are two factors which make people do what they want. It is the the will or desire to gain something, or the fear of loss. The fear of loss however, outweighs the desire to gain substantially! In a 1 v 1 conversation, the person has more chances to agree to buying your product when met with a sense of potential loss!

Salesmen know this secret. Even if you try to sell an ice-cube to an Eskimo, the Eskimo will be reluctant as there is ice everywhere around him. However, arousing a sense of the most nonsensical fear in the Eskimo, for example, how an Ice-Cube can come into play in surviving the Mammoth ice terrain, the Eskimo will buy it with a mindset that it can come into use in the most unexpected way for surviving. This is a VERY real factor. When you practice these, you will know how powerful the 5th rule was! Afterall, every skill needs time and practice! So keep practicing these skills, read books like How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success In Selling, or Sell or Be Sold . These books are really helpful in the methods of selling! And always remember, never take NO for an answer, always go with the attitude to close the deal!

Fear Is The Most Motivating Factor Where Risk Or Danger Is Involved.

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